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White Rhino marijuana strain

The White Rhino marijuana strain is an old school Indica famous for its heavy-handed effects. This evening flower is recommended for pain relief.

Moods: Sleepy, Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Pain Relief, Relaxed, Uplifting

Remedies: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Depression, HIV/AIDS, Insomnia, Lack Of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, Pain, PMS, Stress

Flavors: Earthy, Pine, Pungent, Spicy/Herbal, Woody

White Rhino is a high-yielding Indica marijuana strain that produces a very potent body high. Featuring a woody and pungent aroma, this flower tantalizes the nose with its intoxicating scent. Pick up this strain when you need a serious de-stress session.

The history of White Rhino is really the story of White Widow. This famous parent of White Rhino was released by Green House Seeds in 1994 and immediately began sweeping cannabis competitions. How exactly this potent, tasty hybrid came into existence and who deserves the credit for breeding her are topics of heated debate. The two parties involved separated on poor terms and created two distinct seedbanks:

  • 1. Green House Seeds
  • This seedbank is owned and run by Arjan, the self-proclaimed King of Cannabis. They say that in-house breeder Ingemar developed, refined and stabilized White Widow over a course of six years.
  • 2. Nice Seeds
  • Mr. Nice Seeds was started by Scott Blakey, who now uses the name Shantibaba. He worked with Arjan at Green House in the early 90’s, and his story is that he received the father of White Widow from a villager in Southern India. He crossed this strain with a Sativa of Brazilian origins, creating the first White Widow plants.

The split of Shantibaba from Green House Seeds was not a pleasant one. Both parties still have a lot of anger and resentment, and both feel like their work and ideas were stolen. It is a difficult story to unravel. Yet the one-time partnership produced some of the most famous and fabulous cannabis strains available today.

Many of the strains released from Green House in the early 90’s are also available, sometimes under different names, from Mr. Nice Seeds. Both seedbanks claim their strain is the original, but we leave it to growers and smokers like you to tell us which ones they prefer:

White Widow from Green House is Black Widow from Mr. Nice Seeds

White Rhino from Green House is Medicine Man from Mr. Nice Seeds

Great White Shark from Green House is Shark Shock from Mr. Nice Seeds

Both seedbanks offer the famous Super Silver Haze

Where to buy White Rhino Marijuana Strain

While we cannot say for certain who deserves credit for breeding White Widow back to an Afghan Indica to create White Rhino, we do know that many different breeders in addition to Mr. Nice and Green House had the opportunity to work with White Widow. In 1996, after White Widow dominated the High Times Cannabis Cup, seeds were given to Nirvana and Dutch Passion. Both released their own White Widow strains within the year. Clones of White Widow made their way to Paradise Seeds and they too quickly offered their own version of this famous strain.

Despite a rocky early history, White Widow quickly reached many seedbanks and breeders and thus became a common name among growers and smokers alike. While many crosses of White Widow are available, White Rhino is one that stands apart for its unmatched potency and hardiness.

White Rhino Marijuana Seeds

This cannabis strain is an old school classic. Potent and hazy, this flower produces an almost narcotic-like high filled with blissful euphoria. Expect a slight surge of mental stimulation, coupled with an intense heavy body sensation.

For recreational consumers, pick up this strain when you need to relax after a long day. If it feels like a night to stay in and order a pizza, this herb will make the perfect accompaniment to your lazy evening. As a warning, the effects of this strain have a slow onset. So, try not to overdo it while you wait to drift into a sweet, sleepy fog.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • White Rhino Oil Pens may be available from select cannabis brands, like RHSO+GO
  • White Rhino shatter, White Rhino wax, and other White Rhino concentrates are also available from a number of retailers

If you’re looking for a strain that produces heavy yields, this is the one. Outdoors, this plant can produce as much as 1200 g/plant when grown in perfect conditions. This marijuana strain also tends to have very high THC content. In some tests, this strain produced up to 26% of the psychoactive.

This plant is an Indica-dominant child of White Widow and an unknown Indica. First bred by Green House Seeds, this strain is known for its truly top-quality bud. While this plant is quite short, flowers are robust and feature a tangled web of wild white pistillate hairs.

White Rhino Marijuana Seeds - Seedbanks review - seedbanks.co

Medicinal marijuana patients looking for a potent strain to treat a variety of symptoms may enjoy this Indica herb.

  • The powerful body-numbing effects for this Indica make it wonderful for medical cannabis consumers. Those with severe muscle pain may find relief with this strain
  • It is also known to inspire the munchies, making it a viable option for those with a lack of appetite or wasting disease
  • The sedative qualities of this strain may also be beneficial for those with anxiety. However, too much White Rhino weed may have the opposite effect

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Where to buy White Rhino Marijuana Strain

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