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Ice marijuana is an outstanding cross of our original Landrace Afghan, the legendary Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1 and when you get that many great strains in one place magic happens! Called Ice for a reason, it is literally covered in THC crystals, all glistening like the purest snow. It is a relatively short plant , but it is stocky and with additional training it can get even more dense with topping and fimming working very well to bulk out the plants lateral growth. Slightly lower yields than some plants, but it still produces well, and the pure power and calibre of the smoke more than make up for it.


A special cross of Afghan, Northern Lights and Skunk, Ice is an excellent commercial strain due to the fact it remains short, harvests big and is very strong. Its flowers are intensely covered with white crystals. Ice seeds are excellent for hydroponic growing. The smoke is sweet and the stone very heavy; it’s one of our favourites. Ice seed are considered to be of medical interest. Need we say any more!

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The smoke is sweet and the stone very heavy, flavours of Pine and earthy aromas hit in waves. The distinct spicy undertone from the Afghani and Shiva heritage is present in the exhale. Intense body hit comes from high levels of THC and CBD meaning that this is a great night-time smoke

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