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Chronic has become synonymous as the word for high quality knock out weed. Chronic bud is a perfect blend of strength that delivers a real punch, yield which satisfies home growers and cash croppers alike, plus the taste and flavour are very satisfactory. Relatively short for a plant that yields well, it is a stocky densely packed variety that is quite easy to grow in most conditions. It responds well to management in growth, topping and fimming both creating a really bushy plant that packs on size under the right nutrient schedule.
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Chronic provides a perfect balance. It is grown by those in the know for its nice mix of strength, yield and sweet floral taste. Chronic is easy to grow and can be grown outdoors if the climate is warm.

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A subtle tasting strain this plant can take some effort to make the most of the flavours available but you will be rewarded with an outstanding smoke at the end. A highly aromatic blend of spice, incense pine and sweet limes come from the leaves and buds when growing and trimming. The taste mirrors the scent if the buds are dried well and left to cure for a suitable amount of time. It’s little more effort than some strains but finished product will be more than worth it.

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