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420 Sale OFF 20% Discount Minitry Of Cannabis 2018 - Seed Bank - Seedbanks.co

20% discount on all Ministry Of Cannabis 2018 seeds, starting from monday 16 april til sunday 22 april (included).

420 Sale OFF 20% Discount Ministry Of Cannabis 2018 - Seed Bank - Seedbanks.co

Hi(gh) friend!

finally OUR DAY is arrived, it’s time to celebrate our beloved plant and all of us, and, being spring, it is a perfect time to start some seeds. What we have in mind for this 420 is super simple:

20% discount on all the seeds in our shop, for the whole week till saturday morning

What are you waiting for?

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If you use this link, the discount will be applied automatically. If the link somehow doesn’t work, please insert manually the discount coupon at checkout.

Hurry up, the promotion is valid only till 9.00 AM GMT of saturday 21 april .
Have a wonderful green peaceful 420 week!!

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