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1/2 oz. or 14 grams decarbed Cannabis pure bud or sugar trim is the best for making tinctures

2 Cups Organic Vegetable Glycerine


1Prepare the decarbed cannabis so that it is consistently chopped up not too fine though.

2Add the decarbed Cannabis and glycerin to a large mason jar and cover with a lid and shake the mixture until material is completely covered with vegetable glycerine.

3Next line the bottom of a crockpot with a washcloth or folded hand towel and fill halfway with warm water.

4Place the sealed jar into the crockpot, cover the crockpot with a lid if possible if not leave lid off, and set it on warm for 24 hours.

5Make sure to take out jar and shake occasionally for best results.

6After 24 hours use an oven mitt and remove the jar from the crockpot.

7While the glycerin is still hot use a cheesecloth to strain the vegetable glycerine into a small bowl or into another jar.

8Transfer vegetable glycerine tincture into dropper bottles using a small funnel or other dark glass container for long term storage.

9I like to keep my glycerin tincture refrigerated for longer storage and freshness.

Cannabis Glycerin Tincture

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