Bubba Kush: This Indica Will Remove All You Stress

Bubba Kush is one of the most popular indicas around. Expect a heavily sedative high and powerful body buzz from this euphoric herb.

Fast-growing and potent, Bubba Kush is an excellent strain for notice home growers or commercial producers. This strain is considered easy to grow and produces dense indica buds that can please a crowd. The effects of indica are happy and deeply relaxing. This strain has a tranquilizing effect that can easily lull you to sleep or help you de-stress.

Strain details

Bubba Kush Strain details - Seed Banks - SeedBanks.co

Bubba Kush is a popular indica with a mysterious heritage. Thought to be a child OG Kush, Bubba Kush is at least 80% indica. The story goes, OG Kush was crossed with an unknown indica.

Some believe that this strain contains a little Afghani heritage. Afghani is a landrace indica known for producing a heavy body high. OG Kush is a world famous flower with balanced hybrid effects.

Bubba Kush is a potent strain recommended for experienced consumers. Buds contain around 18% THC on average.

A real treat for growers, Bubba Kush provides a lot of THC in a relatively short amount of time, just 60 to 65 days. It’s also considered fairly easy to grow, making it a top cash crop pick.

The aroma can be described as warm, nutty and coffee-like. However, this strain has inherited much of the sweet pine aroma of OG Kush, giving it a very robust fragrance overall.

Top-shelf Bubba Kush often contains dashes of purple and sage coloration, along with ample long burnt orange hairs and a heavy coat of crystals.

The Bubba Kush experience

The Bubba Kush experience - Seed Banks - SeedBanks.co

Bubba Kush is definitely a nighttime strain. This strain is quick to cause heavy eyelids and deep sedation.

It’s easy to drift off to sleep after a few tastes of this chocolaty herb. Consumers can expect a powerful, couch-locking body high from Bubba Kush.

Overall, the mental effects of this flower are hazy and tranquilizing. However, it’s known to produce a strong euphoria, perhaps making the overall experience a dreamy and surreal.

Don’t expect to be able to focus intently on detailed tasks, and you might find yourself drifting off during a movie.

The most memorable thing about this strain is its ability to promote a deep sense of physical relaxation and reduce stress.

However, having some snacks on hand before you pick this one up may be helpful, as this strain has a reputation for inspiring the munchies.

Why do people use Bubba Kush?

Why do people use Bubba Kush? - Seed Banks - SeedBanks.co

Recreational consumers who appreciate a strong sedative experience will love this strain. Bubba Kush is the cream of the crop of indica strains.

It often cultivates feelings of bliss and contentment, which can be very therapeutic at the end of a long day. Otherwise, save this strain is best saved for a time when there’s nothing to do.

For medical consumers, the most popular use for this strain is pain management. The body-heavy effects this flower provides are perfect for anyone who needs deep muscle relaxation and relief from physical tension. Bubba Kush is also loved by those with insomnia.

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